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May 2007

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His Loyal Pawn.

[01] Headless Waltz

Character Name and Series/Original Character: Lolly from BLEACH.
Name in Role Play: ... Lolly.
Race/Ethnicity: Were-lynx; French-German
Age: 17.
Gender: Female.
Sexuality: Straight.


Unlike her siblings, Lolly's hair is both straight and jet black; she keeps it held up into two high pigtails, combed clean at all times. Her eyes are a dark grey-blue, and she tends to wear light makeup; eyeliner being the most prominent of it all. Her skin is pale, highly contrasting her hair color. She cares greatly for her appearance and is quite obviously the girl of the family, her fashion sense both feminine and mature beyond her years; her wardrobe is mainly made of short skirts, slimming dresses and high heels. She stands no taller than 5'1", but her legs are long, and she isn't afraid to show them off.

Her were-form is that of a small, but slender Melanistic were-lynx--her fur is an abnormal color of black for her species, and this can be contributed to her father, who she has never met. Her feline ears are long, with pointed tips that seem to match the rest of her facial features; slanted eyes and a slightly longer muzzle than a usual feline.


Lolly is, to be completely blunt, a total bitch. She's quick to anger, much like the rest of her family, though her rage is quite unlike her siblings; she goes absolutely insane when truly angered, and will stop at nothing to rip whatever's closest to her to shreds, but her attacks are direct and precise--she has killed several times before over small and petty arguements. Lolly is a bully, and will go to many lengths to kick people down and break them.

Vain and constantly jealous of those that are better than her, Lolly will do anything to gain recognition, especially from that of her master, Sousuke Aizen. She's constantly competing with the other arrancar, and would sooner give her life than fail Aizen. Lolly's emotions are strong and uncontrolled; she isn't afraid to speak her mind and defend whatever she thinks is the best for her, even if it's wrong. (and, most of the time, it is.)


As a were-lynx, Lolly has the advantage of her fangs, claws and stealth; she is surprisingly very quiet in her were form, as is common to her species, and is extremely deadly when on the hunt. As she usually only goes out at night, she's able to conceal herself easily because of her fur color and silence.

When not in her were-form, Lolly appears to be frail and weak--but she's still incredibly fast and was taught how to fight--the hard way. Like her siblings, she was trained in swordplay. She commonly uses knives and smaller weapons, but when she has to, she'll use just about anything she can to attack her opponent (this includes, but is not limited to shoes, books, rings, chairs, and parts of vehicles.)

Weaknesses: Lolly has an uncontrollable inferiority complex. If one were to prey upon that, they'd drive her insane, and she'd likely blindly try to fight. She's also very small and soft-skinned, so physically, in her human form, she's very easy to injure.


"Mine wasn't a troubled past, so--get that thing out of my face. You know, I can hold it myself if you're just going to shove it right at me, shitwit.

I was raised by my mother--born a were, unlike Menoly. She was normal until she was bitten. That's exactly why I look so different from she and Grimmjow; they were normal, once. I was always like this.

I decided to pack up and leave with Menoly when she decided to go along and seek out life here. I didn't exactly know what we were leaving for--I just stood up and left when she started dragging her things out through the doorway.

It wasn't until I met Aizen-sama that I understood my true purpose in life. All those years of being different--of being the freak--of being the mistake washed away when he gave me my first objective, and I felt as though I was reborn the second his fingers brushed against my cheek.

What? No, there's nothing more than you need to know. You're a curious little faggot, aren't you? Hn--well. There's only one thing to do about faggots, Mother always said.."

Organization/Pack/Clan/Guild?: Arrancar.


locals looking to meet Go Here dld.bz/chwZH